You probably understand the importance of including B vitamin rich foods in your diet. Generally, the B vitamins are thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, folacin or otherwise referred to as folate or folic acid, vitamin B12, B6, pantothenic acid, and biotin. Each of the B vitamins collectively as well as individually work in each cell in [...]

  Our modern world follows a hectic lifestyle where time is always at a premium. It is therefore important to include healthy foods in our daily diet and be proactive in maintaining optimal health. Vitamin rich foods boost one's health naturally and help to maintain the nutritional balance of the body. Vitamins can be understood [...]

There are a number of benefits of vitamin K these include blood clotting, strengthening of bones, and safety of the cardiac system. Normally our bodies are capable of generating sufficient amounts of vitamin K. However there are individuals who might need an increased amount of vitamin k in their diet, especially people who have been [...]